The spectacle with world's best proud story

proud story is to create an international event where the youth from different countries sharing their pride and shining together

WORLD comes to TOKYO

World StageーIt’s an international festive event to share the wonders of the world, inspired by international pageants.
The chance to share the “proud stories” from different countries and cultures.
The youth selected to represent their country will gather in Tokyo, experiencing leadership program and Japanese culture, and will represent their country’s pride on the final stage.
We are now preparing for the scene that you can witness the proud smiles and stories from around the world shines together.

*proud story is now looking for sponsors for World Stage and other national events starring the children and youth.
Please contact us for further detail.

≪Past Events≫
May 2013 Philippines Iloilo city
Aug 2014 Philippines Iloilo city  (Special supported by Iloilo city)
Jul 2016 Philippines Iloilo city (Sponsored by Fast Retiling Philippines Supported by Miss Heritage Philippines)
Dec 2017 Swaziland Manzini city (Sponsored by Fast YKK Southern Africa Supported by Miss Swaziland Organization)