International Team Competition with Youth Summit ×Gala Stage for the next leaders

World Stage is for the future leaders to meet the friends from different background and to meet the path for the future.

Event with leadership program and cross-cultural activities, it’s the platform for youth empowerment and community development with unique contents. Participants will compete by team with diverse background, showcasing their culture and preparing group presentation for the final stage. The successful youth may have a chance for job scout from sponsor company.


Stage where proud story unite the world 


Youth empowerment by mutual understanding of cultural diversity
Promotion of the culture/ tourism of attending community
Social action campaign with entertainment
Career matching with companies and youth


International youth summit with cultural activities
Team-building training by multi-background team competition
Stage to showcase social issue group presentation and entertainment
Job scouting opportunities by sponsor companies

What to do 

10 days camp

  – group competition activities and with the final day as a main show
Sub Competition – food competition, sports competition, talent competition
Main competition – group presentation for social issue
   -Sightseeing and cultural experience of the host community

・Final show

– Group presentation for social issues
 -Showcase of community culture
by participants  -fashion show, talent  showcase
by professionals- Traditional / latest entertainment by performers  in host country

Who to join

Youth from Japan & Host country(about 1825 years old)

10 Japanese youth 
   Employee of sponsor company 
   -University students
     -Other individuals

10 youth from host country
   –University students
     -Other individual

Benefit for participants

Friends     - Teammates from Japan & Host country

Job scout - Opportunities for Job scouting from sponsors

Skills           -   Communication skill, leadership, new perception

Ethics         - Respect to other culture, pride to own culture

*proud story is now looking for partners and sponsors for World Stage .
Please contact us for further detail.