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Mission of World Stage

World Stage is event with leadership program and cross-cultural activities, the platform for community development with various contents inspired by international pageants, planned to be hosted in Tokyo. Selected youth from around the world showcase their community culture, and do debate and group presentation for the social issues around the world.
The event aims to uplift the image of participating community and leadership and pride of participants, to offer participants the worldwide network of friends and supporters.

Stage where proud story unite the world 

Word Stage 3 factors

・Entertainment to showcase beautiful community culture
  • ーfor the youth to represent their community and show its community pride
  • ーfor the community and country to promote its industry and tourism
  • ーfor the public to experience and witness diverse culture around the world
Advocate and discussion platform for social issues by next leaders
  • ーfor the youth from diverse background to discuss for social innovation
  • ーfor the youth to give group presentation of solution idea for social issues
Cross-cultural group competition activities  
  • ーfor the next community leaders to meet up and build worldwide network
  • ーfor the community leaders to understand diversity and create innovative idea

World Stage contents

  • ーStage showcase of cultures in participating community
  • ーTraditional / latest entertainment by performers  in host country (JAPAN)
Advocate for social issues
  • ーGroup presentation for social issues
  • ーCommitment for discussed solution ideas with partnership with enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations
Cross-cultural activities
  • ーCultural experience and sightseeing of host country(JAPAN)
  • ーCultural exchange with participating community

Stage where anyone can be a world leader

Who to join

World Stage welcomes young people under the age 30 to be the next leaders worldwide. Delegates are selected by their presentation of the commitment for their own community, and their academic or business career or title is not counted.
As we believe that youth with diverse background is the key for the innovative solution, we are especially keen on welcoming youth from the background with social issue, as well as youth with acknowledged career. Our policy is to prepare the discussion and action platform for every youth regardless of their social status.
After the intensive weeks in World Stage, participants are expected to act as a leader to realize projects in community and ideas from World Stage discussion.

How to join

World Stage is internationally looking for the young next leaders(age 18-30) motivated to showcase the pride of their own community as a representative, access to social issues and change the world to be the better place.
Participants will be selected by public vote on Social media “proud stories” .
Under our concept to realize the society where people are not categorized by economic or social status and improve the society with including every local youth, every future world leaders, only the will and act of the applicants will be considered on application. Selected participants will be granted with scholarship.

※ We’ll update after we start selection.

*proud story is now looking for sponsors for World Stage .
Please contact us for further detail.