cross cultural online salon

unite with the world – with your own proud story

What is salon?

Diverse contents to show the pride and beauty from around the world.

Just enjoy their pride and show that you are enjoying- that’s the first step to become their friend.


❶ video letter

Presentation video from children/youth around the world with their “proud story”.Enjoy watching the archives, send a message to the one that inspire you and receive a message back from the child.

❷ event

International event to enjoy food, music&dance, costumes from around the world and video talk with children in partner organization. Some events are only for program members.

❸ gift

Curated fair-trade & direct trade gifts from countries around the world

 ❹ online lounge

online platform with exclusive contents from children and pageant representatives

❺ online study

Online English learning service
*only for Japanese people

Participation of children/youth to proud story video letters and online talk event will be rewarded
and it support children as an alternative for donation.