Phiippines is a tropic country in the Pacific area with 7107 islands.
Renowed with its stunning beaches and nature, it also stands out with its unique culture as Asian coutry with Chiristianity.


LOOB is Japanese NGO located in Iloilo city, Philippines.
They offer grassroots youth activities and community supports with the vision “grow together with locals, not just one-way support”.


Uganda is East African country renowned as “the pearl of Africa”.
The rich water from the lake Victoria, the world’s second biggest lake and vast forest blessed by its water is home of Mountain Gorillas.


TORUWU is a local NGO in rural Uganda supporting women and children.
They manage ST.MARY’S elementary school for affordable but qualified education, and they hope the students to be proactive and independent.


eSwatini is a small kingdom located in Southern Africa, named from Swaziland in April 2018. As so called “the last kingdom of Africa”, it’s unique tradition and culture is highly kept and respected.


NEW HOPE CENTRE is a children’s home near the capital in eSwatini. They also offer schooling from early age education to high school, hoping the children to be the future leaders of Africa.


Georgia is a Caucasian country locating in between Asia and Europe. The everlasting green mountains and history with diverse surroundings have inspired unique Georgian culture.

【Child and Environment】

Child and Environment is a local NGO managing 4 facilities in Georgia.
It offers children a safe place to foster their mind and body, and educational program as well as art / other activities.