The power of proud story

Our dream is to unite the world with proud story, and to make the world a little more beautiful and friendly one.

The world is with many problems and issues, and have tried many to improve the situation. However, many of solution ideas divide the world by its social and economic status and “those privileged and away from the issue” is saving “those underprivileged and in the issue”. We question if that savior act can change the situation with current world power pyramid, and we established mutual support system instead so anyone regardless of its status can equally be a community leader.

We show you proud story rather than problem to access the social issues around the world and develop communities.
Uplifting community image and the pride of the local people, especially of youth  is our solution.

Brand image is important factor for the development of a country or community. Positive stories like proud story will uplift the image of the country and community, and will uplift the life of people living there.

Good leader is also important for the development of society. We believe that anyone regardless of its status have talent to be the next leader, and support young people to be proactive for the society by encouraging them to show their action. That will uplift people’ pride and will bring the next leaders.

Indifference, discrimination and conflict makes social problems, but we can naturally overcome those if we have friends around the world. So we support as a friend, not as a savior. We want people to make friends around the world with proud story, beyond the social and economic status. Neon  is shining in skyscraper city, stars are shining in village. Instead of counting problems, we count blessings. Let all of us find the beauties in each other and be friends.We proud story will unite the world and make it more friendly, more beautiful one. We believe in the power of proud story.

Let the proud story fulfill the world.