support as a friend, not as a savior

Our dream is to let people make friends around the world.

Diverse programs and services has same objective, to boost “proud story” and “applause”.

It may sounds childish or too simple when we are categorized as social business, but we believe it’s the key for the sustainable and friendly society.

Positive and proud message uplifts image, thus trust and then market competitiveness.
Those message also motivate proactive autonomy, and raise the mind of respect others and one’s self.
Uplifting brand image, autonomy and mind of respect, and uniting communities and people with different background- that’s the way we proud story try to achieve for the brighter future of the world.

Instead of categorizing people by the nationality, gender or social status and “save someone else with problem”,
we want to create sustainable support system and “support as friends do”.

That’s our philosophy.

Indifference, discrimination and conflict makes social problems, but we can overcome those if we have friends around the world. So we support as a friend, not as a savior. We want people to make friends around the world with proud story and applause toward it, beyond all the difference in between.  Let all of us find the beauties in each other and be friends.We proud story try to unite the world and make it more friendly, more beautiful one. We believe in the power of proud story.

Let the proud story entertain you and the world.