proud story ~  uniting the world with “proud stories” 

vision:uniting the world with our proud story

mission : spread “proud” stories, not “sad” stories

*We create the society where all can live with pride
*We uplift community’s brand image and people’s pride by spreading the value they have

concept:Believing in the power of proud story

*We find, spread and respect the value in us, in others, in the world
*We create equal friendship than respecting the value and the actions of people

≪Behind the Scene~ Why proud story?≫

proud story aims to unite the world with “proud” stories.

It is true that the world is with many problems and issues, and spreading them for sure will help those who are in need.
However, the “sad & poor image” may divide the world, and may be the origin of the unfair pyramid of the world that created the problems we are to solve.

proud story will bring you “proud” stories rather than “sad” stories.
I want people to feel excitement than pity, look for wonders than problems, so I skip mentioning their challenges.
Sharing proud stories, understanding and respecting each other, is the first step to make friends.
And I believe if we have friends around the world, we can naturally overcome the indifference, discrimination and conflict.

So, I want people to make friends around the world, beyond the border and economic level.
Instead of saying “Let’s support needy”, I would say “Let’s make friends around the world, support each other and together make the world beautiful”.
Some may be economically privileged or unprivileged, but we all do have own different blessings.
Our pride and respect, proud story, will surely unite the world to be more friendly, and more beautiful one.

Let the proud stories fulfill the world.

proud story Founder Nanami Chinatsu