Since she was a socially supported child, Nanami has been interested in show-biz and global issue.
She studied international politics/economics in Tokyo and started volunteering in NGO in Philippines,
while appearing on stages and films in Japan and NYC as a dancer and a model.
After coming back from NYC, she set her goal to “build international cultural bridge” and joined four international beauty pageants as Japan representative.
She’s been performing around the world for international event including those by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan, and she started working with NGOs to organize events and shows starring children.
To share the ”wonders of the world”, she established Tina interX inc. in 2017 and launched proud story project.

≪Media Apperance(International)≫
*Influential Women of the World- Making a Difference
(international coffee table book with 50 female entrepreneurs around the world)

≪Youth Event organize≫
May 2013  Uniqueco fair-trade (Iloilo・Philippines)
Aug 2014 HALLE charity fashion project(Iloilo・Philippines)
July 2016  LOOB Turns 15! (Iloilo・Philippines)
Dec 2017 JAPAN-SWAZILAND culture and Heritage exchange (Manzini・Swaziland)

≪≪Major international culture event appearance≫
Nov 2011 40th Anniversary event for Japan-Kuwait relationship (Kuwait city, Kuwait)
May 2012 Miss Oriental Tourism International (Sichuan, China)
Nov 2012 Miss Intercontinental(Several cities in Germany& Aachen, Netherland)
May 2014  Miss WM (Rust, Germany)
Jul 2014 150th Anniversary event for Japan-Switzerland relationship (Bern, Switzerland)
Jul 2014 Japan EXPO  (Paris, France)
Dec 2014 Tainan Fashion 2014(Tainan, Taiwan)
Jul 2015 155th Anniversary event for Japan-Portugal relationship (Lisbon, Portugal)
Nov 2015 Miss Heritage Global(Johannesburg, South Africa)
May 2016 WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (New Delhi, India)
Dec 2017  Mozambique Fashion Week for Japan-Mozambique relationship(Maputo・Mozambique)

People would see you as you show yourself.
While traveling, I saw people finding their joy and tell their proud stories no matter of their economic status.
I felt it weird that if the community is supported, those positive stories rarely reach Japan and it create biased image.
But my own background inspired me more for proud story project-
The uncomfortable fact that the support mostly come from the mind of pity, and I was seen, or I needed to be seen needy though it often hurt my pride.
Now I talk positive stories instead of negative ones, I am independent and have many good friends, I am proud of myself.

I started proud story project, as I would like people to be a friend of the supported youth more than just a financial supporter.
I want people to feel respect than pity, so I dare to skip mentioning their challenges.
I don’t say “Let’s save the world, support needy” – I would say “Let’s make friends around the world, support each other and together make the world beautiful”.

Some may be economically privileged or unprivileged, but we all do have own different blessings.
Our pride and respect, proud story, will surely unite the world to be more friendly, and more beautiful one.