founder Nanami Chinatsu

“Overcoming indifference, discrimination, and conflict starts with making human connections.”

Since her childhood, Nanami has been interested in entertainment and global issue. She also experienced the sudden drop of her economic situation, and felt that the society is categorizing people by economic or social status.
With scholarship she studied international politics and economics in Tokyo and started volunteering in NGO in Philippines, while started working as a performer. After performing in NYC, she set her goal to “build international cultural bridge with entertainment” and appeared five international pageants and cultural projects under Foreign Ministry of Japan.
With her two career background in social and entertainment industry she started organizing shows starring children with their NGO. She also offer intercultural communication classes and events in Japan to share the ”wonders of the world”, and in 2017 established Tina interX inc. and launched proud story project.

≪Business award≫
(international award coffee table book project with 50 female entrepreneurs around the world)

*DMM eikaiwa
*ON-1 collective  
*The Japan Times Alpha

≪Social activities≫
volunteer, stage event director, program facilitator
- NGO LOOB (Philippines)
visiting volunteer
- New Hope Center(eSwatini)
- NGO TORUWU(Uganda)
- NGO Child and Environment(Georgia)

volunteer English teacher
- socially supported children (Japan)

Miss Oriental Tourism International 2012 (China)
Miss Intercontinental 2012 (Germany)
Miss WM 2014-2018 (Germany)
Miss Heritage Global 2015 (South Africa)

≪≪Major international culture event appearance≫
With-Japan Relationship Anniversary Event
- Kuwait, Switzerland, Portugal, Mozambique
Japan EXPO(France)
Tainan Fashion (Taiwan)
SADC Fashion Week (eSwatini)